18ct Gold Emerald | Ruby | Sapphire Screw Back Nose Stud (0.02ct - 0.17ct)



Follow the trends of fashion icons and add some sparkle with a genuine gemstone screw back nose stud! Choose from a variety of sizes and colours. While choosing the right size, take into account your taste and facial features.

Still undecided? Please remember that all of our pierced jewellery comes in sealed packaging. We want to give you the possibility to change your mind and return it within 14 days in its original packaging. This way, you can order a selection of different nose studs which will ideally reflect your style, mood and activities. 

    - Hypoallergenic - suitable for those with sensitive skin
    - 18ct gold - ensuring the strength of the setting
    - Secure four or six prong setting for everyday use
    - Dimensions: Length: 9mm| Diameter: 2 - 4mm | Screw Thickness: 0.7mm | Gauge: 20-22 | Tube Thickness: 1.2mm (approx)
    - Durable stem and screw back fitting