18ct Gold Emerald | Ruby | Sapphire Screw Back Nose Stud (0.02ct - 0.17ct)



Follow the trends of fashion icons and add some sparkle with a genuine gemstone screw back nose stud! Choose from a variety of sizes and colours. While choosing the right size, take into account your taste and facial features.

  • ⚪ Details
    Hypoallergenic - suitable for those with sensitive skin
    18ct gold - ensuring the strength of the setting
    ⤷ Secure four or six prong setting for everyday use
    Durable stem and screw back fitting

    ↬ Please note each nose stud is made individually and measurements are approximate and may vary

    ↬  The stem and tube measurements of each nose stud are universal:
    Stem length: 6.5mm 
    ⤳Stem thickness: 0.8mm / gauge: 20
    ⤳ Tube thickness: 1.2mm / gauge: 18

     ⚪ Diameters for Emerald nose studs
    0.02ct ⤳ currently unavailable
    ⤷ 0.04ct ⤳ 18ct Yellow and White Gold: 2.65mm
    0.05ct ⤳ currently unavailable
    ⤷ 0.10ct ⤳ 18ct White Gold: 3.5mm
    ⤷ 0.11ct ⤳ 18ct Yellow and White Gold: 3.75mm
    ⤷ 0.16ct ⤳ 18ct Yellow and White Gold: 4.5mm
    ⤷ 0.15ct & 0.17ct ⤳ currently unavailable

    ⚪ Diameters for Ruby nose studs
     0.02ct ⤳ 18ct Yellow and White Gold: 2mm
     0.05ct ⤳ 18ct Yellow and White Gold: 2.5mm
    ⤷ 0.10ct ⤳ 18ct White Gold: 3mm
    ⤷ 0.10ct ⤳ 18ct Yellow Gold: 3.5mm
    ⤷ 0.11ct, 0.15ct, 0.16ct & 0.17ct ⤳ currently unavailable

    ⚪ Diameters for Sapphire nose studs
     0.02ct ⤳ 18ct Yellow and White Gold: 2mm
     0.05ct ⤳ 18ct Yellow Gold and White Gold: 2.75mm
     0.09ct ⤳ 18ct Yellow Gold: 3.5mm
    ⤷ 0.10ct ⤳ 18ct Yellow Gold and White Gold: 3mm
    ⤷ 0.15ct ⤳ 18ct Yellow Gold: 4mm
    ⤷ 0.11ct, 0.16ct & 0.17ct ⤳ currently unavailable