22ct Gold Filigree Necklace and Earrings set (22.4g) N&E-7100


⚪ Details

⤷ Jali style filigree necklace and earring set made in 22ct gold 

⤷ Product code: N&E-7100
⤷ 22ct gold / 91.6% gold purity
⤷ Hallmarked in the UK
 Includes certificate of authenticity

⚪ Measurements:
⤷ Total weight: 22.4g ↭ Necklace: 13.7g & Earrings: 8.7g
⤷ Earrings length: 35mm 
⤳ width: 16mm
⤳ stem length: 15mm
⤳ stem thickness: 1.2mm / gauge: 16

If you have any questions regarding this set, please refer to 'N&E-7100' when contacting us