18ct Yellow Gold Screw Back Nose Stud with Plain Gold Ball NS-3480


⚪ Details
⤷ Product code: NS-3480
⤷ Hypoallergenic - suitable for those with sensitive skin
⤷ 18ct gold with 22ct gold plating - ensuring the strength of the setting
⤷ Plain gold ball featuring in the front setting of the nose ring
⤷ Durable stem and fitting

⚪ Dimensions
⤷ Ball diameter: 2.3mm
⤷ Stem length: 6mm
⤷ Stem thickness: 0.8mm / gauge: 20
⤷ Tube thickness: 1mm / gauge: 18

Please note all the measurements are approximate and might vary slightly

If you have any questions regarding this nose stud, please refer to 'NS-3480' when contacting us