18ct Yellow Gold Diamond & Ruby Pendant and Earrings Set MCS4755 MCS4756

MCS4755 MCS4756

⚪ Details
⤷ Product codes: MCS4755 MCS4756
⤷ 18ct gold / 75% gold purity
⤷ Hallmarked in the UK

 Pendant details:
⤷ Diamond Pieces: 31
 Diamond Carat Weight: 0.26ct
 Ruby Pieces: 4
 Ruby Carat Weight: 0.95ct

 Earring details:
⤷ Diamond Pieces: 60
⤷ Diamond Carat Weight: 0.48ct
⤷ Ruby Pieces: 8
⤷ Ruby Carat Weight: 1.48ct

If you have any questions regarding this set, please refer to 'MCS4755 MCS4756' when contacting us

(The chain is sold separately. Please message us if you are interested and we will respond with more information)