Nose Studs

18ct Yellow Gold Faux Nose Ring with Screw Back Nose Stud with 8 Cubic Zirconias (NS-2420)


A unique nose stud featuring eight cubic zirconia stones in a screw back setting, imitating nose ring when worn.

⚪ Details

⤷ hypoallergenic - suitable for those with sensitive skin
⤷ 18ct gold with 22ct gold plating - ensuring the strength of the setting along with the classic deep colour of 22ct gold
⤷ 8 cubic zirconia stones featuring in the front setting of the stud
⤷ screw back fastening (also called internally threaded)
⤷ durable stem and screw back fitting

⚪ Dimensions

⤷ from piercing to edge of nostril (check images): 7.5mm
⤷ length: 10mm
⤷ width of the nose stud: 2.3mm
⤷ stem length: 6mm
⤷ stem thickness: 0.8mm / gauge: 20
⤷ tube thickness: 1mm / gauge: 18
⤷ weight: 0.40g