22ct Gold Jewellery

22ct Yellow Gold Necklace & Earring with Polki Style Cubic Zirconia Stones.

N-7057 E-7057A

⚪ Details
⤷ 22ct gold / 91.6% gold purity
⤷ Hallmarked in the UK
 Includes certificate of authenticity

Pendant & Chain
⤷ Product code: N-7057
⤷ Weight: 10.0g
⤷ Total Width: 20mm
⤷ Total length: 20mm

 Chain Length: 16inches

⚪ Earrings (with screw-back closure)
⤷ Product code: E-7057A
⤷ Weight: 9.3g

⤷ Earring Width: 20mm
⤷ Earring Length: 20mm

⤷ Stem length: 10.38mm
⤷ Stem thickness: 1.12mm / Gauge: 18

Please note measurements are approximate and may vary slightly

If you have any questions regarding this set, please refer to N-7057 / E-7057A when contacting us.