Which Nose Piercing Should I Get? A Guide to Wire Back Nose Jewellery

August 03, 2021

Which Nose Piercing Should I Get? A Guide to Wire Back Nose Jewellery

Available gauges at Minar: 20-24

Metals: 18ct Yellow/White Gold

Sizes: Half coil - Entire coil 


How to put your wire back nose stud in 

Wire back nose jewellery have a spiral-type curve down the stem and this threads through the piercing.

This special shape helps keep the jewellery from slipping out of the nostril hole.

A wire back nose stud is slightly more complicated to insert compared to other nose jewellery. 

  1. Before you start, please wash your hands carefully.

  2. Sanitise your wire back nose stud with a cleaning cloth which is provided with your Minar order

  3. With a clockwise movement, twist your jewel into your piercing hole.

  4. Keep twisting until the entire metal part is inside your piercing. 

  5. Push inward as you tilt the ring upward and keep twisting it clockwise until the metal part is over 

How to remove your wire back nose stud

  1. Pull the piercing out with your fingers by turning it clockwise 

Ps. You can try twisting counter clockwise if clockwise doesn’t work.

Why is it important to keep your pierced jewellery clean?

At Minar, we understand how important it is to keep your jewellery clean and hygienic. Before dispatching any of our products, we are securely sealing them in protective packaging.

With every purchase from Minar Jewellers, we are providing you with a cleaning wipe, which you are then able to sanitise your new nose stud with. 

It’s important to keep your jewellery clean - regular cleaning will help keep it looking its best. It will also remove any unwanted germs.

You can check our collection of wire back nose jewellery here.


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