Which Nose Piercing Should I Get? A Guide to L-shape Nose Studs

August 03, 2021

Which Nose Piercing Should I Get? A Guide to L-shape Nose Studs

Available gauges at Minar: 20-24 
Small = 5mm
Standard = 7mm
Large = 9mm
Metals: 18 ct Yellow/White Gold/Rose Gold

The L-shape nose stud is bent and shaped like an L, hence the name. Thanks to its shape, once inserted, it firmly sits against your nostril.

L-shape nose studs are usually used for new piercings - as they are easier to put in - but are also the best option for those who often change nose jewellery.

This type of nose stud is so popular that it comes in a variety of styles: at Minar we love adding gemstones and little designs to make our L-shape jewellery even more beautiful.

You can check our collection here.

How to put your L-shape nose stud in

  1. Before you start, please wash your hands carefully.

  2. Sanitise your L-shape nose stud with a cleaning cloth which is provided with your Minar order.

  3. Find the hole in your nose and push the end of the stem in the hole.

  4. When you're sure that the end of the stud is through to the other side,push the rest of the stud in, angling it to get the bent part through the hole.

  5. If by lifting up your nostril you see the end of the L-shape stud inside your nose - pointing straight up or down- it means you have successfully managed to insert the nose stud.

How to remove your L-shape nose stud

  1. Again, wash your hands and the area around the piercing.

  2. Remember that the L-shape stud is bent at a 90 degree angle. So - as you pull it out- you will need to angle it down to get the bent portion out through the piercing hole. 

  3. Once the bent portion is through, just remove your nose stud.

Why is it important to keep your pierced jewellery clean?

At Minar, we understand how important it is to keep your jewellery clean and hygienic. Before dispatching any of our products, we are securely sealing them in protective packaging.

With every purchase from Minar Jewellers, we are providing you with a cleaning wipe, which you are then able to sanitise your new nose stud with. 

It’s important to keep your jewellery clean - regular cleaning will help keep it looking its best. It will also remove any unwanted germs.

You can check our collection of L-shape nose jewellery here.

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