Our unique selling point is ‘no job is too hard for us’. We have undertaken very elaborate customised orders. 


1. Bull and the Bear Coin

An earlier request that we had received from a lady, who came into our shop and said “I don’t think you’ll be able to do this” so we asked her what she wanted and she produced a base metal coin with the symbol of a bull on one side and a bear on the opposite side. Below is a copy of the image she gave to us of both sides of the stock market coin we were to make. She said that the finished coin has to weigh exactly one ounce and it should be in pure gold. So we asked her to leave that with us and did a bit of research and identified manufactures who would first initially stamp a disc which would weigh more than the one ounce. The second stage was to get an engraver to engrave the coin “in relief”. They have got to dig out all the metal from the image of the bull and the bear and on the sides to put serrations, which would look like a coin. The challenge was to achieve the finished weight of 31.1035 grams precisely. We had to do a prototype in silver so we could then gauge how much metal would come out in the process of engraving. Then we calculated the proportional density for gold and the whole project took almost 8 weeks from start to finish. The client was then asked to come and see the finished product she was thrilled with the result. We asked her why she said “I don’t think you’ll be able to do this” and she explained that she had been to several jewellers and nobody wanted to take this on. She was asked what this coin would be used for and we were fascinated when she replied that her husband works as a trader in the city and after he has done all his research about advising a client on whether or not to buy a particular stock, if he’s unsure about proceeding he would flip the coin under the desk and if it was a bull he would go ahead with the deal and vice a versa. It dawned to us that it is quite likely that not just thousands but several thousand pound deals could be decided on the flip of this coin which we had made for a very satisfied customer.


2. Gold Nut and Bolt Pendant

A gentleman came to us looking to get a nut and bolt pendant made in solid 22ct gold. He wanted to be able to screw or unscrew the nut onto / from the bolt so we faced a challenge in making the right thickness of thread in 22ct gold. We were then able to give the pendant a combination of satin and gloss polish finishes - for a beautiful final product.


3. Blue Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring and Diamond Wedding Band

A widow who was getting married to a gentleman who had previously lost his wife, wanted to mark this marriage with a beautiful and unusual design of engagement ring. We showed her many designs and she finally decided on this stunning Blue Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring along with a fitted matching diamond wedding band - both in platinum. She had an issue with her fingers being slim but her knuckles being larger so we needed to customise the ring with 'stabilisers' to ensure it doesn't move around while being worn.

4. Serotonin Necklace

The doctor showed a sample of the base metal necklace (top image) and wanted it made in white gold within a very small budget. Minar Jewellers made the necklace (bottom image) within the time frame and budget given. The doctor came to collect the necklace and was delighted with the finished piece. The team at Minar asked him what the geometric design meant. The doctor replied that it was the chemical symbol for Serotonin - his girlfriend worked in the biology research department at St. George’s and Serotonin is the chemical that is released in the brain when a person feels happy. The doctor was going to propose to his girlfriend with this necklace instead of a traditional ring!

5. Wedding Bands

One of our regular customers came to us with a wedding band that he wanted to melt down to make into two bands for himself and his fiance. His grandfather, who had lived in Colombia, had obtained a nugget of gold from a local mine - he then took it to a local jeweller to make into a wedding band to give to his wife. Many years later our customer was given this wedding band by his grandmother.  
We were able to melt down the original band and after removing some metal impurities which were causing metal fatigue, we were able to create two new wedding bands - for him and for her.

6. Tahitian Pearl Pendant

This was a bespoke order from a gentleman in Essex. He’d been on holiday in Tahiti where he’d purchased a beautiful black Tahitian Pearl. The idea he had was to have a pearl suspended within a lattice teardrop shaped cage - quite a challenge for the jeweller! This was to be a gift for his wife. He had sought out a jeweller who understood and would take on the job but was unable to find one. He eventually came to us and after explaining what he wanted, we said that we could do it. After completing the pendant, he was so delighted that he asked us to make another one for his daughter! 

7. Unique Engagement Ring

Brendan has written a wonderful review for Minar Jewellers. This is a wonderful story of two people in love, who met in Santorini and got engaged in the same place! 
Brendan spent a lot of time with our team to design a perfect ring for Sarah. It is one of a kind, made with love and commitment. We are really happy with being a part of this lovely story!

8. Men's Ring

“Outstanding service by Pravin/Minar Jewellers and his craftsmen. My daughter of 20 months passed away 9th July 2017 and I wanted her diamond stud earring stones in my men's ring. Pravin was brilliant, listened to exactly what I wanted and his craftsmen turned this around within a week as priority. I wasn't just dealing with a jeweller but people who really care and took to heart my request. Thank you so much from the Malik family the jewellery is now priceless” - Myo Malik, Customer


9. Wandsworth Borough Council Chain Repair 

We were recently privileged to be entrusted to repair The Wandsworth Council's Lord Mayor's Chain Of Office.
The Chain of Office was  damaged and one of the badges was very loose and was coming apart as the supporting link was broken. 
We were asked to repair this necklace as quick as possible as we were told that  the Mayor has up to 45 appointments a week and does not want to be without the chain of office. 
With several years of experience in repairing complicated jewellery pieces we knew what was required to be done. Our challenge was to get it back to the Lord Mayor as soon as possible so that it could be worn on the next Mayoral meeting. This was a solid chain and one could feel the heft of the solid Chain.  We arranged for the broken link to be soldered. As this needed to be precise we had to use the most modern soldering technique of laser soldering the link so that the rest of the chain would not oxidise. After this was completed it was inspected and had to pass our strict quality control check. We noticed - to our surprise-  that one of the badges had  'blue tack' inside. We cleaned that up too.
We had informed Wandsworth Council about the price for the repair and completed the repair to the satisfaction of the Lord Mayor's Office.
The Chain Of Office was ready to be worn again in a pristine condition.