When is a good time to sell my gold jewellery?

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When is a good time to sell my gold jewellery? - Minar Jewellers

At Minar Jewellers we think that every piece of jewellery which you buy should be worn. It enhances your beauty and is a statement of your style.

However, in some cases, your jewellery might be tucked away in the safe, loft or the bank.
Do you have any jewellery pieces which you have not been wearing for a long time? Or are you paying to store your jewellery?

If you are wondering when is a good time to sell your jewellery - the right time is now! The price of gold has been steadily rising in the last few years. Presently the price is the highest. Over the previous six years, whenever there is uncertainty in the economy, gold is used as a haven for your investment.

In the last 19 years (2000-June 2019), the price of gold in British pounds has gone up by 553%. The average price of gold in 2001 was £6 per gram.
This went up to £34.75 per gram in 2012. It dropped as low as £22.90 per gram
in 2015 and has since steadily risen to the present price of £39.35 per gram.

If you are thinking of selling your gold this is the best time. There are three
options to consider when selling your gold:


  1. If you are going to keep your jewellery to wear make sure you have an Insurance Valuation with a detailed description and a photograph of each item.
    We use a Registered Valuer from The Institute Of Registered Valuers for our valuations.

  2. If you want to retain your money in gold we can value your gold and give you gold coins or gold bars against that. The gold coins are exempt from making charges and VAT and Minar Jewellers can offer you the best price for selling or buying.

  3. It may be time to look at your jewellery, and those pieces of jewellery which you are not wearing can be sold for a cash price. For a no-obligation valuation of how much you can get for your broken jewellery or one that you are not wearing contact Minar Jewellers on 020 8767 7627. 

    We will be pleased to assist.

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