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MINAR LOVES STORIES - Hema & Ajai - Minar Jewellers


Every piece of jewellery tells a story of a person who wears it. 

The story of Hema and Ajai extends beyond the narrative of an engagement ring and wedding bands which we have designed for them. 

Hema and Ajai met on Channel 4's First Dates in 2016. 

It wasn't exactly love at first sight - mainly due to his moustache. But after the first meeting, the pair got on well and agreed to another date.


The happy couple is now married!

We are delighted to say we have been a part of this unusual love story. Ajai designed an engagement ring for Hema with a little help from us. And later on, we have also created two stunning wedding bands for them!


At Minar Jewellers, we love our customers and their stories. It is because YOU give us the possibility to play a part in your life. The jewellery pieces we make, they convert to a new form, take on a new life with its wearer, and become part of the memories of the one who wears it.



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