Benefits of wearing Sterling Silver Jewellery

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Benefits of wearing Sterling Silver Jewellery - Minar Jewellers

Silver jewellery has often been left behind by its Gold and Platinum equivalents, but there are plenty of reasons why Sterling Silver jewellery should not be overlooked! 

Affordable, yet fashionable

- First of all since silver as a precious metal is more affordable than gold and platinum there are many more designers using it to experiment and come up with new, modern and consequently fashionable designs.  It is the brightest of all the precious metals, and many people choose to wear it because they love its bright and shiny lustre.

- With its low cost, consumers can keep up with the latest trends and designs without having to pay a high cost to obtain them.  With the wide variety of styles, looks and colours they can buy silver pieces to match with their gold and platinum jewellery.

Versatile and Durable

- It is only not only versatile but also durable, meaning it is a perfect option for everyday jewellery.  It is possible to wear Sterling Silver Jewellery with so many different outfits and on many different occasions.  Silver in its purest form is very soft, but when mixed with an alloy it becomes strong and durable.  All of our silver is hallmarked to ceritify its 92.5% silver content - the remaining 7.5% consists of alloys mainly copper, which helps to strengthen the silver. 

- If looked after properly silver jewellery can last a long time.  It can react to air (oxidise) and start to tarnish if left unused - but there are simple ways to prevent this from happening.  First of all, keep wearing silver jewellery on a regualr basis.  Sterling Silver is designed to be worn regularly, so just by wearing it often, the natural oils in your skin will help to maintain its shine!  Secondly there are silver polishing clothes and solutions available which will bring back its shine in no time at all!

Beneficial to your health

- Historically silver has a strong link with the moon as well as aspects of Chinese philosophy.  Its colour is said to stimulate calmness and tranquility, since it evokes the qualities of reflection, coolness and space.


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