Which Nose Piercing Should I Get? A Guide to Nose Rings

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Which Nose Piercing Should I Get? A Guide to Nose Rings - Minar Jewellers

Metals: 18ct Yellow/White Gold - 22ct Gold - Silver

Diameter: 7mm - 8.5mm - 9.5mm - 10mm - 11mm - 12mm

When choosing a nose ring, it’s ideal to get one that fits close to your nostril but not too much. If you feel pressure on your piercing after inserting the ring - or you have difficulties in closing it - then the diameter you're wearing is probably too small.

How to get the perfect fit?

If you are unsure of what your inner diameter is - don't worry - all you need is a metric ruler!

1) Stand in front of the mirror and place the ruler on the nose to measure the distance between your piercing hole and the edge of the nostril.

2) Don't forget to add a millimeter, this way the ring can move freely.

3) If you are still unsure, sizing up is the best option. You can make the ring smaller if necessary.

How to put your nose ring in

  1. Before you start, please wash your hands carefully.

  2. Sanitise your nose ring with a cleaning cloth which is provided with your Minar order

  3. To insert it, slip the opening in the hoop over your nostril, taking one of the ends of the hoop and putting it in your nose. You should insert the ring through the piercing going from inside out.

  4. Rotate the ring through your piercing until the opening of the circle is at the bottom of your nose.

How to remove your nose ring

  1. Wash your hands carefully.

  2. Move the ring around until the end of the hoop comes out of the hole, and then slide it down and out of your nose. No need to force it, move it naturally as it comes out.

Why is it important to keep your pierced jewellery clean?

At Minar, we understand how important it is to keep your jewellery clean and hygienic. Before dispatching any of our products, we are securely sealing them in protective packaging.

With every purchase from Minar Jewellers, we are providing you with a cleaning wipe, which you are then able to sanitise your new nose stud with. 

It’s important to keep your jewellery clean - regular cleaning will help keep it looking its best. It will also remove any unwanted germs.

 You can check our collection of nose rings/hoops here.



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